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Prioritizing JOY.

Gym confidential: My hair is disgusting. As in, 5 days of 2-a-day workouts and dry shampoo disgusting. But you know what I love? I love the fact that I can move my body every day in ways that continue to surprise me. I love that I have friends who constantly challenge me to try new types of workouts. I love that instead of spending an hour washing and drying my hair this morning, I chose to walk my dog instead. Managing time can be tough and is something that I know a lot of people at my home gym and community struggle with. I had an hour of free time this morning. I made the decision to walk my dog instead of washing and drying my hair for one simple reason: I knew that getting outside with my best four-legged friend would bring me more joy. Try as often as you can to do things that bring you JOY. Stress is legit. There's more than enough of it in life anyway, so take advantage of self-love opportunities that you know will bring you joy..even if it means saying "NO" to someone else. That doesn't make you selfish. That means that you are taking care of yourself and treating yourself well like you deserve. You do YOU.

P.S. I did wash my hair tonight in case you were concerned.

-Lee Ann

Lee Ann Jolly PhD. Jolly Bodies Fitness

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