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JB Spirit Jersey

B/W, Cotton candy/glitter

List price: 69.99
Plus members: 52.50

JB merchandise (2).png
JB merchandise.png
JB merchandise (1).png

40 oz. engraved Owala JB tumbler

L to R:  Candy Store, Splash zone, Cloudscape

List price: 42.99
Plus members: 32.25

Everybody is a jolly body - hoodie

List price: 64.00
Plus members: 48.00

24 oz. engraved Owala JB tumbler

L to R:  Poolside punch, Palm springs, Retro boardwalk

List price: 32.99
Plus members: 24.75

JB merchandise (6).png

JB rainbow pullover

List price: 58.00
Plus members: 43.50

JB sweat towel

L to R:  Smiley, Black/linear, Rainbow/stacked

List price: 18.99
Plus members: 14.25

Plus member

JB gift card

Custom amount

Untitled design (45).png

What's a plus member?

A plus member is a guest with a Super Duper Jolly Plus membership. The plus membership is our best value membership package and includes:

  • 25% off all merchandise

  • Unlimited Control sessions

  • Full access to the JB digital studio

  • 10% off event hosting

  • 24 "no show/late cancel" grace passes per year

Added value: over $2000 in perks per year for only $10.00 more per month (vs. Super Duper Jolly unlimited membership).

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