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about us

World off.
Fun on.

We're the happiest workout place on earth - and we're here for it. Through loads of education,  encouraging instruction, and imaginative, one of a kind programming concepts that'll leave you wild - haired, we reshape bodies - AND minds - to bring out the inner jolly in all of us.

Lee Ann and Burke Jolly, Founders of Jolly Bodies

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About us


Lee Ann Jolly, Ph.D., NASM CPT

creative director, head fitness geek

I am the dreamer, imagination, and science side of jolly bodies.  I make your workouts and am responsible for the glitter, confetti, and sparkles.  Will there be a disco ball in your next JB class? Snow? Coaches dressed in full costume?  Go ahead and blame that on me.  If you need me, I'll be found teaching a class, creating JB content in the JB lab, or at the studio setting up some sort of twinkletastic jolly-scape for your senses to enjoy.


Burke Jolly

C.O.O., head jolly spreader

I am the love, connector, and culture side of jolly bodies.  I make the fun.  I am responsible for the unadulterated joy.  Will you be greeted at 5 A.M. by me in an inflatable tube man outfit?  Likely.  If you need me, I'll be found running around at Jolly Bodies 24/7.   I'm at the front desk to greet you first thing in the morning, inside the studios waiting to pop off about your excellent squats, and ready to make your day better.  That's my favorite.

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