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At Jolly Bodies, no classes are scheduled at random.  We follow a split training schedule that rotates through our formats (to keep you stimulated) , and each day of training focuses on lower, upper, core, or total body muscular work (to keep you balanced).  This methodical approach to group training is what sets us apart and ensures that you can complete all workouts each week without leaving any one muscle group behind.   

For beginners, we recommend starting with a M, W, F  OR T, Th, S schedule.  This will still keep you balanced in your training as you build stamina, strength, and confidence.  You got this.

Mondays:  lower body training
Tuesdays:  upper body training
Wednesdays:  total body or core training
Thursdays: lower body training
Friday:  upper body training
Saturday: total body or core training
Sunday:  rest


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