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Good thoughts for the weekend

As you head into your weekend, remember these things:

1) You are so fabulous and as such are not meant to live a life counting calories. You’re wayyyy too good for that. Proper fat loss (if that is your goal) takes time and patience, but that does not mean punishing yourself for having ice cream along the way. You deserve the right to be healthy and live a long, active life without having added pressure to fit some mold that society thinks you should fit into.

2) I don’t think you are “perfectly imperfect”. I think that you are YOU, and don’t need inspirational phrasing to justify your physical “imperfections”. I understand that the phrase “perfectly imperfect” means no harm whatsoever, and in fact means the opposite, so please know that if that speaks to you, I understand completely. But, I would challenge this by asking this question: Who said an imperfection was an imperfection in the first place? Let’s think about this....who was the first person to look at cellulite and say “ew”? Who did we allow to decide that dimples on your bum needed to be photoshopped out?! Who looked at freckles and thought they were gross? FYI I was told when I was 13 that the freckles on my face must’ve come from a cow tooting on’s okay if you’re laughing, I think it’s hilarious and I love my cow poot freckles. The point is, some sad person somewhere started making you feel like you weren’t beautiful because of the things that in fact, make us beautiful. You know what’s “ew”? THAT. You are WONDERFULLY and BEAUTIFULLY made.

3) Fall candles make me so happy....and I love that about me. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to allow yourself to find contentment in the “little silly things” and love yourself for it. Pause for a moment. What is one thing you love about yourself? Say it out loud. Does it feel weird saying it? If it does, please know that you have permission to really LOVE yourself...for many many reasons, not just one, and it’s more than okay to shout it from the rooftops. If you need me to bring you a megaphone, I can and will.

-Lee Ann

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