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Scale, schmale.

You are more than the numerical value of your gravitational pull towards the Earth. The thing in this picture causes people more stress than the last presidential election. I know we humans tend to want to quantify EVERYTHING-but in doing so we lose something very special.....quality. Quality of relationships, quality of mind, quality of words. This stupid number on this stupid device can cause some of us to go completely nuts. From a physiological perspective, let me tell you this:

A scale cannot measure body recomposition (fat being burned and muscle being built in its change on a scale, but a big change for your appearance...and strength). A scale cannot distinguish water weight fluctuations (ladies especially, it is completely normal to have up to a 10 pound swing due to water and sodium fluctuations in your body).

Likewise, a scale doesn't distinguish solid waste from the rest of you. You're always a good poop away from your goal weight. Just sayin'. Most importantly, a scale doesn't tell you how intelligent, funny, kind, thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, giving, hard-working, loyal, trustworthy, loving, and beautifully made you are.

The scale tries to convince you that all of your beauty and worth is tied to it....notice I said "tries" are you gonna let it lord that power over you? You're way too good for that. Also from an educational standpoint: you guys, depending on an old fashioned scale to tell you your progress is like depending on your dog to explain quantum physics to you. That don't work. My suggestion is for you to purchase a smart scale, take progress photos, track progress by how your clothes fit, or come see me and I'll measure your muscle mass and body fat for ya. I got connections.

Now, go throw that scale off a bridge into a fire pit where it belongs.

-Lee Ann

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