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Cake for Dinner.

Got showered, washed and dried the head, put on makeup, real pants, and perfume to.........................

Go pick up some dessert. Y'all, when you realize you don't need a special occasion to go get a cake, the second part of your life begins. I've been in the second part of my life since I was 12. Take away French fries, cheese, burgers, alcohol, ice cream, BBQ, chips....but don't take away my cake. In all seriousness, I know very well that I cannot eat cake everyday and accomplish the athletic goals I have set for myself.

Practicing moderation is tough for EVERYONE....even gym rats. I promise you that. Everybody has an emotional connection of some sort with certain foods. What we need to get better at is recognizing when that connection is hurting us and not helping us. It's okay to say out loud that curling up on the couch and eating a pizza brings you joy. Congrats, you're a regular old fashioned human being. But when you find yourself gravitating toward food rather than people for comfort and relief, then it gets complicated.

As trainers, we need to respect that our clients struggle with so much more than weight. You've got a whole history that I don't know about. My most favorite part of this profession is just getting to know you. With my clients, it's not about "Stacy. Weight: 251. Body fat 34%. Muscle mass 45lbs". Rather, it's, "Stacy. Boss lady CPA. Recently divorced. 3 kids solo. Scrappy as all get out. Wants to get healthy for herself and her babies."

Client love and support emotionally first, body metrics second, me last. Always. And then maybe some cake together. If you're nervous about taking control of your health and fitness and don't know how to take the first steps, send me a message. No costs, no gimmicks, no handing you off to a gym. I just want to know you and for you to know that you're cared for, and that what you think is impossible is truly not. You CAN.

-Lee Ann

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