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It's okay to laugh when you gym.

It was a beautiful day on Sunday so I decided to do yoga in perfect green grass and have a spiritual moment with the Lord in my downward dog.........Yeah no, as much as I wish I could pull that off, I'm the girl who can't keep a straight face in yoga. I'm the one in the corner trying desperately not to fall out of Ardha Chandrasana (look it up) but thinks she can just go right into a headstand no prob and then ends up doing a somersault into someone else. FYI, "wild thing" is my favorite yoga pose because 1) I enjoy working on my back flexibility because it's LAME and 2) every time the instructor calls out "wild thing" I want so desperately to yell back, "you make my heart sannnnggg!" But seriously, don't ever come to yoga with me. I'm the worst.

On a more serious note, don't be afraid to try new things, especially things that require you to humble yourself and realize that no, you can't just walk into a new field of exercise and be PERFECT at it. Let go and HAVE FUN. Yoga is so incredible in that you are allowed to make it your own! I wish we treated all forms of exercise this way. Make everything your own practice, allow yourself to fail, and learn something new in the process. That's all life is anyway, eh?

2 legit 2 quit,

Lee Ann

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