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What fitness means to moi.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received regarding fitness is to think of it as being in a constant "ready to go" state (versus it being driven by 100% aesthetic goals.) Don't get me wrong here, I have worked with plenty of men and women whose motivation to move is driven by the bikini bod for the wedding or the boulder shoulders for a 20 year reunion. I support these goals 100% and love getting to help celebrate these accomplishments! However, my true passion for fitness lies in its effect on our minds, hearts, and ability to MOVE.

To question and understand how the body responds to different mechanical stimuli (weights, sprinting, etc.) and how this determines aesthetic and performance output is so much fun to me (it's okay if your eyes just glazed over for a sec...geek to the core here). But what's more important is using fitness as a tool for empowerment by conquering things you didn't think you could. I go through cycles of doubt, fear, courage, failure, and accomplishment constantly when it comes to trying new things. I have fallen off of Bosus, miscalculated box jumps, and crashed more road bikes than I care to admit....the point is, I love trying new things.

It's okay to not love everything, but decide for yourself by trying first. You never know when you may have to walk the plank on a treadmill. At least I know I'm prepared! And yes, I washed my hands 7 times after trying the treadmill plank walk. I got a thing about germs 🤢.


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