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Hungry like the wolf

Hocus Pocus is on and I’m so happy I was inspired to do a ghosty post. Say “hello” to the hormones responsible for making you feel hungry or full!

Ghrelin (Greh-lyn) is a hormone that is produced by the stomach in response to fasting or low calorie intake, ultimately causing you to feel hungry. The higher the Ghrelin, the hangrier you’ll be.

On the other hand, Leptin is a hormone that is made by fat cells in your body and signals to your brain that you are full. Since Leptin is produced mainly by fat cells, the more fat you have, the more Leptin you make. This makes us think that the more fat we have, the more full we must feel...right? Unfortunately, nope. Having too much Leptin actually causes your body to develop decreased Leptin sensitivity. This means that although you are producing big amounts of Leptin, this doesn’t register to your brain, so you keep eating. Having too little body fat (not enough Leptin) can have a similar effect. This biological cycle, in addition to the emotional aspects of eating, contributes significantly to increased fat mass.

The take home message is that having too little or too much body fat can significantly impact the ability for our body to signal to our brain whether we are full or hungry, which of course plays a significant role in weight management.

Remember as you set your own fitness goals that keeping your body fat levels within a healthy range is about MUCH more than lookin’ good on the outside. It’s about helping your uber smart insides function the most efficiently, which is ultimately going to make the biggest impact on your quality of life!

Don't get hangry,

Lee Ann

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