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Battle of the Bars (not the chocolate kind)

There are SO many options you have when it comes to nutrition bars. Here are 3 of my favorite. First thing's first-the reason I love all 3 of these is that they have minimal ingredients, with the Rxbar and Larabar leading with the fewest and Kind trailing just slightly behind (but still super good for you).

These bars serve as my snacks between meals. They are incredibly flavorful and I lurve them all. All 3 bars have a good amount of protein, but their sources differ slightly. The the RX bar is the only one that contains animal protein (from egg whites) the other 2 have protein, but it comes from nuts/seeds. Through the help of my great friend and registered dietician, Katie Rhodes of OWN Nutrition, we figured out that animal protein keeps me feeling fuller for longer than plant based protein, which explains why when I eat an RX bar, I'm totally satisfied whereas with a larabar or kind bar, I'm wanting more within an hour (they are so so GOOD)! This dictates my timing strategy for eating in between meals. If I know Lunch and dinner are going to be separated by a longer period of time than usual due to my working schedule, I have an RXbar. If I need something to carry me over for just under two hours, kind bar and larabar it is.

This gives me plenty of options and opportunities to have them all, which makes me very very happy, because I want ALL the snacks. All of them. If you have any suggestions/questions that I can help answer in future posts related to health, fitness, science, and snacks, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section! I'd love to hear from those who are reading.

I appreciate you and thank you for stopping by the page!

-Lee Ann

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