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Science backed cardio + strength training

We're the happiest workout place on Earth - and we're here for it.  Here at Jolly Bodies, our mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives through fun, science-backed workouts that reshape bodies - AND minds - to bring out the inner jolly in all of us.   

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Personal training meets group exercise.

Each week of training at Jolly Bodies is expertly designed in house by our head fitness geek, Dr. Lee Ann Jolly.  Jolly Bodies combines the customization of personal training and award winning workout programming.  Pick your schedule, show up, and leave the rest to us.


What our guests say


"I've worked out all my life, coached classes, all of it.  I had resolved myself to the fact that I would never "leave a workout feeling better" because I never experienced endorphins post workout - until Jolly Bodies.  I leave every. stinking. time. feeling so good, happy, and sweaty.  After only a few weeks of working out here, I feel like a new person."

- Adrianne F.

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