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We're the happiest workout place on Earth - and we're here for it. Here at Jolly Bodies, our mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives through fun, science-backed workouts that reshape bodies - AND minds - to bring out the inner jolly in all of us.


We throw rootin' tootin', shame-free workout parties that don't skimp on effectiveness. After years of planning and working out of our garage, we're opening a 10,000 square foot group training dreamhouse on New Year's Day, 2024.  Our new home address is:


1521 Merrill Drive

Suite D175

Little Rock, AR


It's going to be better than any mojo dojo casa house you've ever seen. Here’s more of our story.

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Our story


Hi! We're Burke and Lee Ann Jolly (founders of Jolly Bodies). We met in 2011. We married in 2014. We made an oath to ourselves that if we ever got the opportunity to work together, we'd take it.


We started thinking about how to make that happen. We were both teaching fitness classes outside of our 9-5 jobs, and realized that the fitness industry in general was missing some important ingredients that each of us values: fun, innovation, advanced knowledge, and acceptance.

In 2016, we established Jolly Bodies as a facebook support group. It grew. In 2020, we took on Jolly Bodies full time in our garage, (the JB lab), offering in person and online training. It grew. For 3 years, we’ve worked non-stop out of our tiny workout island, parking lots, and dance studios while we planned for the next step....

Fast forward to now

We’re saying “bye!” to the 550 sq ft JB lab and “hello!” to 10,000 sq ft. of group training magic with the launch of the first Jolly Bodies studio location in Little Rock, Arkansas. The JB lab isn’t going away - it’s turning into a production studio for designing, testing, and recording new workouts for you! We love the lab.  It's the reason why this little JB engine is still running strong.

A few highlights of our new training facility:

  • 2 expansive group training studio spaces (we're extra like that)

  • 60 classes per week spanning our 6 signature formats. We specialize in cardio, strength, and mobility work.

  • "Splash and Dash" lounging rooms that include showers, changing rooms, restrooms, and vanity areas stocked with high end amenities to help you relax after a tough workout.  

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What you'll find here:

Each week of training at Jolly Bodies is expertly designed to maximize your results and minimize confusion. Use our schedule builder to pick your schedule, show up, and leave the rest to us.  Each week of workouts follows a split training schedule (the house schedule) that spans our signature workout formats. While multiple formats are offered each day of the week, they'll all target the same muscle group. For example, on Mondays all formats (Clocked, JB, Strong) will be lower body focused. This system ensures that you'll be able to train each week without leaving any muscles behind, regardless of which format you choose on any given day. 

How often will each format be offered?

Each format will be offered 5-6 times per day per studio beginning at 5:00 A.M. on the indicated days of the week.  Formats on the left will take place in studio 1, and the JB format will be held exclusively in studio 2.

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studio 1

studio 2

Other things you'll find at Jolly Bodies:

  • Self deprecating humor

  • An environment that screams "I'm here to party!" 

  • Education.  Keep reading!

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Fitness is one of the only health related industries that lacks oversight. It’s easy for misinformation to spread. After becoming certified in group exercise in 2005, Lee Ann spent the next decade in school to get her Ph.D. in molecular physiology so she could bring more education to the fitness world.


Now she serves as the head fitness geek at JB, where she designs all your workouts. The next time you see a miniband on your bench at JB, blame it on her. Read more about Lee Ann and Burke here.


World off, fun on.

At Jolly Bodies, we have a no B.S. policy for pseudoscience, exclusivity, or coaching methods that utilize shame or fear as a way to "motivate." Life is hard enough. Fitness shouldn’t make it emotionally harder.  We founded Jolly Bodies to help you discover that you can get the results you want without an ounce of negativity or shame.  If that sounds good to you, stick around.  We think you're gonna like it here.

We cannot wait for you to experience what we have in store for you.  Welcome to Jolly Bodies.


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