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Why the JB digital studio?

Hi!  We're Lee Ann and Burke.  We've spent our entire adult life studying the human body and designing group exercise specific workout programs that are unique, variable, and FUN.  Now, we want to bring that fun to you.

A message from Lee Ann:


I love the camaraderie and energy that's part of teaching live classes in a gym setting.  My biggest desire is to share that experience, along with my skills and workout programs, with those that I don't have the privilege of getting face time with.  With the JB digital studio, my goal is to bring the challenging (but still FUN) side of fitness to your living room, gym, or wherever you prefer to get your workout in.

My journey to the JB digital studio began in 2020.  For 15 years, I've designed group exercise specific workout programs that are structured more like personal training, where classes build upon themselves over time and evolve. I also completed my Ph.D. in physiology and found that our class guests really enjoyed LEARNING about why we were doing certain exercises and how their bodies would respond to those exercises, from the cellular level all the way up to what we see physically in the mirror.  I observed  that many live classes and online programs were either lacking variability (repeating the same sequences over and over to the same music) or felt random (exercises spliced together sporadically without intention).   


I set out with a new goal in mind to offer guests a workout experience that was methodical and intentional without compromising on the fun factor.     After developing and trademarking several signature programs, as well as gaining accreditation through NASM, AFAA, and ACE for these programs, my husband Burke and I founded our parent company, Jolly Bodies, and trained a core group of coaches to instruct our workouts in live classes at our home gym.  Through our coaching staff, we were able to spread our formats across by offering close to 50 individual classes per week.  We knew it was time to start sharing our rad workouts with those we don't see on a weekly basis.  And with that, The JB digital studio was born.  

Why the JB studio is different...and why it WORKS:


Ask anyone who knows her - when it comes to program design, Lee Ann is a stickler for knowledge, technique, and a king sized challenge. She's also not ashamed to admit that good music is often times the only thing standing between her stopping early and finishing the dang thing.  Each JB studio workout (we call them "sweats") is designed by Lee Ann every week.  Her sweat sessions are designed the same way as she designs her live classes. Lee Ann learned early on in life how to sniff out problems and find solutions thanks to spending her entire 20's in research as a Ph.D. student and postdoctoral fellow.  She applies this insatiable need to problem solve into her workout designs, filling the void from what she thinks is missing from many current exercise programs.

Problem 1: Not enough variability:  Snooze fest 2000.  Nobody wants that from a workout.  We create programs that aren't repetitive, but aren't chaotic.  

Problem 2: Chaos.  We won't repeat the same sequences over and over, however that doesn't equate to performing 100 different multi-joint exercises in an hour at the speed of light.  If you like doing burpees with minibands around your arms and legs followed by 1 legged squats on a BOSU, audition for the circus.  Consistency trumps chaos.

Problem 3:  Lack of education.   We don't follow trends.  We follow science.  We've got degrees, certifications, and over 15 years of experience to back us up.  We utilize tried and true methods behind every design that incorporate old school strength training techniques to contour and lean out the body.   

Problem 4:  Lack of bona fide strength training.  When you're starting from scratch, there are many different ways to improve strength!  However, it's only a matter of time before your body begins to adapt to these methods and become more efficient.  Increased efficiency is GREAT because it means you are becoming stronger, however we can't expect to continue to see further results if we always use the same weights.  Many existing programs focus solely on muscular endurance (chasing the "burn" with 2 pound dumbells for many reps) or power (plyometrics/high intensity interval training).  With JB workouts, we're going to focus on improving muscular power, strength, and endurance by incorporating a number of methods in a split program format without being too variable.  This means that we'll tackle different aspects of resistance and cardiovascular training together so that over time, the program evolves with you!

If all of this sounds good to you, we think things are gonna work out between us.  Literally.  

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