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3:40 AM Love

The alarm in the Jolly house goes off at 3:40 A.M.

Yep. I said it.

Burke and I roll into work around 4:30 everyday to set up and instruct early morning workouts together. In case you were wondering, that’s early enough to spot the raccoons digging through the trash. It’s actually pretty entertaining.

If you’re asking yourself why we get up so early to work out, that’s a great question, because I would ask anyone the same. The reason that we have this crazy schedule actually has nothing to do with “working out”. It has to do with you.

Our greatest desire is to serve our community. Our favorite part about seeing you before the crack of dawn isn’t about the squats. The chance to start the day with you, listen to you, get to know you and your struggles, and provide support for you is by far our favorite thing about getting up so early. If you’re willing to work out and come see us at 5 A.M., we are so there.

You can get a workout at a lot of places. We know that. But Burke and I both agree that neither of us keep coming back for the sake of burning calories. We keep coming back because we get to create memories with you that make all of our lives better.

These experiences continually remind us that life isn’t about macros and measurements. It’s about loving on people, and experiencing the fulfillment of receiving love from others that continues to uplift us both every day. So much so that we tell Alexa to wake us up at 3:40 A.M. Even if she was like, “are you suuuuuurrreeeee?”, we wouldn’t fold (in case you were wondering).

Oh and also coffee helps.


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