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Your abs do not define you.

Who you are has nothing to do with what your tummy looks like. The only goal of a sustainable fitness lifestyle should not be simply to acquire a visible six pack. The goal of a sustainable fitness lifestyle is to put yourself in a constant "ready to go" state, which means you're agile enough and strong enough to handle a lot of different physical challenges. And yes, it's okay to say you wanna look good at the same time. No shame in that. Just remember that what I care about as a fitness professional is not whether you have veins popping out of your skin. Rather, I'm concerned with how to foster your ability to overcome challenges and find out what makes you tick so that we can get you stronger not only physically, but in character and mind.

Disclaimer: if you truly want a visible six pack, I'm definitely not going to fault you for that. It's okay to admit that it's a desirable thing to you, it's just quite difficult to sustain it year round unless some pretty extreme sacrifices are made. It's also okay to spend some time thinking of why you want what you it what YOU want, or is it what society or someone else expects expects of you? As long as it's 100% for you, okay then!

Stay excellent!

-Lee Ann

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