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Coaches need coaches

There's one word that comes to mind to describe a morning like this one captured here. DIESEL. 50 bodies, pedal to the metal, sweat flying everywhere, for 1 hour and 15 minutes of straight up crazytown. It is an honor and privilege to serve my community by coaching. Yes I design the workouts, however the glory goes to those who DO THEM. These women and men. These individuals who have one thousand other things they have on their to-do list but choose to devote an hour and a half on a Saturday morning to THIS. They are dealing with stressful jobs, death, new babies, divorces, financial struggles, you name it-yet they choose to move forward.

I've said this all throughout my 13 years in this business and I can't say it enough. Coaches need coaches. These men and women that I coach are MY coaches, they just don't know it. They don't realize that every drop of sweat and agonizing look on their faces when they go full throttle stops me dead in my tracks and reminds me that I need to be willing to do the work that they are doing. They push me harder than they know, even when I'm on my own trying to find the motivation to get my body moving. It's these wonderful images that remind me of why I do what I do and moments like these that inspire me to be a better person. This is love.

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