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The JB

The JB method is unique to the group exercise world.

Here's what we do:

1) Focus on 3 training goals:  building muscle, moderate and high intensity cardio, and mobility work.

2) High intensity training
 classes without the impact.  

The JB curriculum is comprised of 6 specific exercise formats.   Each format has its own unique training objective while still complimenting the other 5 in the curriculum. Your workouts are scheduled for you months in advance and follow a split training schedule (see below) so you don't have to do any driving.  Show up, and we've got the rest covered.  

*All classes will include ways to progress and regress any given exercise to meet the needs of participants.

The fan favorite.  Our signature Jolly Bodies workout is a 30-minute, high intensity cardio/resistance training (HIRT) program.  Built upon the transformative power of strength training, the JB curriculum incorporates various muscle building modalities, from tried and true lifting techniques to Pilates and Barre principles. This fan favorite program is organized into a split training schedule that targets both large and accessory muscles in different ways every day, delivering targeting resistance training in an efficient, half-hour format that provides you with one H of a little workout. 

Break down:  med - high intensity weight lifting, high intensity cardio, 30 - minutes, 3/4 on the plyo scale


Jolly Bodies

The hot one.  This heated, core-centric party focuses on 3 things:  Hip mobility, core stability, and isolated strength work for the hamstrings and glutes.   We like to think of each Cheeky session as a 3-course meal that includes a starter of cardio resistance to open the hips, a main course of strength work to tax the hamstrings, and a finale of endurance and mobility work that will set your glutes/abs ablaze like a baked Alaska*.   This trifecta of training will not only strengthen your glutes, but improve hip mobility and core stability along the way.

Break down:  Abs, back, legs, glutes, flow, mind/body, intense, hot, 1 on the plyo scale.

* In Cheeky, the glutes are targeted by combining smaller, low impact movements with compound movements to generate an intense muscular burnout from multiple angles.  This involves kneeling positions and balancing poses on the hands and knees.  Comfort padding will be provided, but please keep these positions in mind especially if you have any wrist injuries that would impact comfort. 



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The sleeper hit.  CLOCKED is a high intensity steady – state (HISS) workout experience that blends 2 types of training - boxing drills and strength training.  During this 45-minute rumble, you’ll fight toe to toe under the clock while custom trap, hip-hop, and pop remixes keep you laser focused on the fight.  One hour, two fists, zero ego. Let’s get ready to rumble. 

Break down:  Rhythm based, high octane, high heart rate, HISS cardio, jabs, kicks, cursey words, 4 on the plyo scale

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The one where we build some muscles.  The KISS method in all its glory.  Strong is a strict lifting format that incorporates all of your favorite strength work from our O.G. Jolly Bodies format and then some.  There are no bona fide cardio vascular drills in this zero impact class, but don't expect your heart rate to stay low.  You'll get your cardio in with dumbbells, not burpees.

Take home:  No impact, muscle building, sweaty, lifting, 0 on the plyo scale.

coming soon:

The one where we chill the h out. Reset is the restorative conditioning experience of the JB curriculum.   Mobility and flexibility are woven into a series of movement layers that are the foundation for the postures/exercises of the JB system of classes.  Emphasis is placed on shoulder, back, and hip mobility, and posterior chain (butt, back, hammies) flexibility.  Each week of Reset builds upon the prior week, with 50% of movement layers replaced with yummy new sequences to keep things fresh out the oven – which coincidentally is how we prefer chocolate chip cookies.


The one that sneaks up on you.  Rise is a 45 – minute, heart rate (HR) based lesson in patience and perseverance that requires each of us to take our time to give it our all.  Using our proprietary low intensity to high intensity (LIT to HIT) methodology, Rise challenges participants with a series of HR based progressions designed  to steadily increase heart rate (climbing zones) before hitting a peak HR zone (the payoff zone).  Each HR progression slowly builds anticipation for risers to enter the payoff zone fully prepped to perform at their peak.* 

Concept category:  Controlled, LIT to HIT, heart rate recovery, progression intervals, 4/5 on the plyo scale.

*Please notify your coach if you are currently taking medications that regulate heart rate (such as beta blockers), which could impact your heart rate zone data for the work out.  These medications will not impact your ability to do Rise, however we want to be aware that your ability to reach and maintain certain effort levels can be impacted by certain medications.



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The one where it’s a workout…and a ride.  Embark on a thrilling fitness experience where you’ll get up-close and personal with special lighting, sound, strength work, and cardio drills that'll make you feel like you could body slam a hippopotamus.* This heated, full body sculpting class shines the spotlight on muscular strength and endurance while challenging participants to control the breath, the movement, and the mind.  Each class blends eccentric, isometric, and compound strength exercises with cardio challenges that require focus and connection between your muscles and your brain.  Set to intense music that'll have you laser focused on the movement and your own badassery, you'll leave this class wild-haired and empowered.  

*Control is a highly immersive class.  Participants will be prepped with special information regarding lighting and sound prior to class. This class is not recommended for those who do not wish for their hair to whip back and forth. 

Take home:  Immersive, imaginative, cinematic, hot, rhythm based, cardio, weights, mobility, 4/5 on the plyo scale.


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We define plyometric elements as exercises that involve moments where both feet leave the floor.  Squat jumps, burpees, hops, and skips are all examples of plyometric exercises.  While technically not a plyometric exercise, we still include step ups in our plyo scale because they involve a climb and a landing that requires control.  

The degree of comfort or discomfort that is experienced during plyometric work is determined by the ability to control the take off and landing with muscles - not bones.   The better your form and muscle control, the less impact you will feel during plyometric work.  

No plyometric element should feel as if your bones are knocking together.  If it does, we strongly encourage you to remove the plyometric element from the exercise in order to build your strength.   You will be given alternatives like this in every class so that you know what to do if a plyometric element isn't working for you.
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